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We made it to France, only to figure out it was a Sunday and we couldn’t get the keys for the dock to go and see La Vagabonde. It actually killed us a little inside. But after some serious hours of spying going on, soon enough we got to check her out. She’s a bloody beauty guys and we really couldn’t be happier. Join us in La Grande Motte for the beginning of our new boat celebrations. A HUGE thanks to the team at Outremer for all of the hard work and love that was put into our boat. You guys are the greatest. Elayna and Riley xo

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Song Credits:
00:00 Wait Outside – Getgogetter –…
01:41 This Town – Getgogetter…
02:55 Change your World (instrumental) – Amarante –
05:46 August and After – Vancouver Waves –
10:24 Home – Hollow Coves –…
10:56 Home – Hollow Coves…
13:35 The Woods – Hollow Coves…

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