My nerves for the Pacific Crossing (the 20-30 day’er) have been getting more and more intense. Most nights, for the past few weeks I have been having the most strangest dreams and unsettled sleeps. But I am really looking forward to the challenge of getting across such a large chunk of ocean! For the next week in Isla Isabella, we explore the beautiful island by bike and boat. We dive Los Tuneles which are a bunch of beautiful caves in shallow waters that are just FILLED with sea life of every kind. Couldn’t recommend the dive site highly enough, you can even take Grandma & Grandpa/toddlers!! I can’t name another spot I’ve snorkelled, where you can see all of these animals in above 5m of water. Next week, we prepare for the big crossing and wave goodbye to land for a few weeks….. I’m really looking forward to sharing this experience with you all. Peace out for now xox Ps PLEASE CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON YOU LOVELY HUMANS 🙂

Song Credits:
00:04 Let Go – Andrew Rothschild
03:41 Dominic Bennett – Farther Down and Further Off
05:41 Dominic Bennett – Harbor
10:17 Water Park – Dreaming

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Thank you guys so much.

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

What cameras do we use?
What software do we use?
iMovie but hoping to upgrade soon!


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