There is an endless list of jobs that needs to be done and fixed onboard most yachts, like, always. You could stay in one port FOREVER if you wanted, preparing your vessel for a particular sail or ​even a ​circumnavigation up to your standards… but at some stage, you’ve just gotta leave or you’ll never go! Regardless of a few broken parts onboard, we left the main island of Vava’u for a little island hopping adventure (I should be noted, that we wouldn’t have done this if it was a large open ocean sail haha). We made do with what working gear we did have and found a few hidden gems just around the corner. I absolutely love this place, if I knew how to insert a few emoticon faces with love heart eyes on YouTube I would do about 10 of them right here.

Join us in France to celebrate our new boat launch!!…

Thank you Mikael for the sweet tune ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ he wrote just for us!…

Song Credits:
00:09 Dust to Dust – Early Morning Hours
01:00 Fishin’ With Frog – Dominic Bennett
01:17 Joe Mungovan – Matter Of Time
01:55 Handmade Moments – See Dick Run
03:15 Adam Yoo – Blood Moon
06:36 Sailing La Vagabonde – Mikael Abramowitch​…
08:25 Gotam Sen – Look After You.
13:17 Sailing La Vagabonde – Mikael Abramowitch​…

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What software do we use?


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