Wow. We’d heard sailing the New Zealand coastline was going to be pretty epic, but we really had not expected such beauty. Sailing the rugged east coast from the Bay of Islands down to Auckland and back was quite the adventure. This weather is still going to take us some time to get used to. Join us in the longest SLV episode ever made!! It took me a bloody long time to make. Lots of love, Elayna

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Bay of Islands history source:

Song Credits:
00:06 HEEBLAY – It’s all Alive – I India 8
02:58 Hard Boiled Wonderland – Evntho –
05:03 One Night In Nefplio – Finding Yellow –…
07:40 Brave (Instrumental) – Amarante –
09:44 Blue Skies and Happiness – Erin Pellnat –
15:57 Kind Blue – Evntho –
21:23 Rocking in the Free World – Rory Laye (original song by Neil Young) –
24:31 Mid Season Action – Tea Mage –
31:35 Lunas Electric Eden – Luna Park –…
35:11 Fernando Ferronato – Spanish Smile – Entre Sonhos –
39:07 One Night In Nefplio – Finding Yellow –…
39:22 Fernando Ferronato – Maluco da Bicicleta – Entre Sonhos –
41:19 Andrew Rothschild – The Stampede of Life –
45:18 Crossfire – Peasant Moon –
48:16 Eunoia – Andrew Rothschild –
50:35 Anthony Helm – Homemade ft Dominic Bennett –
52:14 The Only One – Jode Gannon –

Additional Film – Abbey Mulraney

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