Join the crew on La Vaga as we sail the east coast of Northland New Zealand and show you a few of our favourite sailing destinations! Meet a few new faces and re-celebrate christmas and new years with us (because who doesn’t want to celebrate christmas and new years like every weekend?). I hope you’re enjoying catching up to real time. Videos made with love, Elayna. Xo

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Song Credits:
00:01 Greener Pastures – HEEBLAY
02:37 Seafoam – Gender Work
06:06 Seafood – Gender Work
06:59 Carter – Gender Work
08:54 Hotel 9 – Jack Pen and His Anthropomorphic Orchestra…
13:26 Running Late – Jack Pen and His Anthropomorphic Orchestra…
20:26 Running Late – Jack Pen and His Anthropomorphic Orchestra…
22:59 Jamie Hamilton – I’ve got these strings in my shoulders but I can’t figure out whether I’m a puppet or a kite…
24:38 Song I Cover: Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon
33:29 High as Love – HEEBLY
35:52 Now That Chance has Gone – Chris O –
40:13 Mandala – HEEBLAY
45:16 Dark Night of the Soul – Frontier Child –…
47:43 Infant Nascitur – Frontier Child…
50:59 Higher – HEEBLY
53:29 Don’t Bi Scared to have a Go – A Wood
56:06 Wait Outside – Getgogetter…

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