Public School Is Showing Its Pre-Fall Collection in Dubai!


As if Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow weren’t busy enough producing collections for both Public School and DKNY, they’ve chosen to take on another task: A destination fashion show—and we don’t just mean to Brooklyn. For Pre-Fall, the pair have decided to show their Public School collection in Dubai .

New York is home, but the PS idea is all about convergence and connecting different cultures and disciplines. Our references and inspiration don’t only lie in New York, but all global cities around the world,” the pair explained over email. “Dubai represents the ultimate in terms of a new age city that not only represents technology but also has so many cultural intersections. We wanted to use that as a backdrop to contrast against the new collection.”

The destination show will take place this November, in the middle of the season’s international rush. Chanel is set to bow in Rome on December 1, while a far-flung show from Dior is also expected. Helping Public School make the trip is Cadillac, which will reveal a new car in collaboration with the designers at the event. “We have this wonderful ongoing partnership with Cadillac, whom we’ve collaborated with on a special launch centered around the idea of a journey. So naturally it made sense to make it a destination show,” Chow and Osborne offered. And while Dubai might seem awfully far-off from the streets of Manhattan, don’t forget it’s also a bustling metropolis with a little subversion around the edges. We’d say it’s right on cue for Public School’s latest.


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