Yeehah! We rafted up with our assigned partner yacht and motored to our first set of locks of the Panama Canal. We were so excited to finally experience what the canal is all about and how this man made wonder of the world works. We spent the night riding 3 locks UP, 26m in total. We then moored in the Gatun Lake over night and repeated the same process the next day except this time going DOWN over 3 locks. I didn’t realise how much of a tourist attraction the canal actually was until I saw a million eyes on La Vagabonde/the yacht we rafted with nearing the end of our transit. La Vaga got a little star struck (that explains the bubbles in the water…..). Okay I’m going to leave now. Thanks for watching humans 🙂 I hope you guys liked the episode. Stay tuned. Love Elay.

Song Credits:
Hein Cooper – Rusty
Keisuke Yoshiura – Slightly Heavenly
Yeo – Blessing
Salsa – No Watermark (the canal history scene)
Sundown Jury – Give it Up
Water Park – Dreaming

Thanks a million to all of our subscribers following our voyage and especially for those supporting us on Patreon! With your support, we can keep the movies coming and continue sailing around the world and sharing this incredible adventure with you all. Its really is HUGELY appreciated. There aren’t enough kind and generous people like you guys out there in this world.

Thank you guys so much.

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.


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