Spinner: Google jumps on fidget spinner fad with playable Easter egg


Google has jumped on the fidget spinner bandwagon, and has hidden a virtual one inside its search engine.

The toy enjoyed a remarkable rise in popularity earlier this year, thanks to its simplicity and addictiveness.

If you don’t know what all of the fuss is about, you can take a spin on a digital version, by searching for “spinner” on Google.

It works on desktop and mobile and across different browsers, including Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Once you hit enter, a large green-and-yellow spinner graphic will appear below the search bar.

You can spin it either by hitting the ‘SPIN’ button at the bottom, or by clicking, holding and rotating your mouse around it.

Fidget spinners can apparently help young people manage anxiety and ADHD, though this claim has been rejected by experts.

Google also lets you choose between the spinner and a numbered wheel, which also spins around.

The Easter egg was pointed out by Reddit user redditboston, and users appear to be torn between excitement about brand new hidden functionality on Google, and indifference because the fidget spinner craze appears to be dying down.

Plenty of other Easter eggs are available from the search bar though, through search terms like “roll a die”, “coin flip” and “random number”.


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