If anyone wants to buy one of Yolitas paintings please head to her website. Kind souls like hers deserve it www.yolitamogollon.com

We tied off La Vaga securely in the marina in Cartagena and hugged the jetty after our not so pleasant sail from Santa Marta. It was good to be land bound again for a while! We caught up with some of the crew from the Netflix show ‘Narcos’ (cheers Jo and Jeff for an amazing dinner, you guys are the bomb) and explored the streets of this beautiful city.

All the fun we had been having ran my immune system right down and poor old Elay had to get a wisdom tooth pulled out. A huge thank you to Yolita and Wolfram/our Colombian parents for hosting us and making our lives THAT much easier. You have the most kindest hearts and we thank you for opening up your home to us. Until we meet again!! Keep racing you crazy cats 🙂 Fair winds always.


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