Traffic fines decrease 37 percent after new laws

Police have issued nearly 35,000 fewer fines following updated traffic laws

Dubai Travel Police say the number of traffic fines issued by police is has dropped by 37 percent since the introduction of new traffic laws.

During the first week of July, traffic offences and fines being handed out by the police dropped to 59,777, compared to the 94,964 offences in the final week of June. Dubai Police said the most common traffic offences penalised include tailgating, blocking traffic, passengers not wearing seatbelts, incorrect parking and sudden swerving.

The laws changed in the first week of July and have seen an increase in penalties for traffic offences, plus a broad range of new laws implemented, including the requirement for all passengers to wear seatbelts. Since the new laws came in to effect, taxi drivers now have the right to reject a fare if passengers refuse to belt up.


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