It was a bit of a battle pulling this beautiful, majestic creature onboard just out of Tonga, but we finally did it! In the whole 30,000nm miles or so we have sailed around the world in total, we have hooked a good 10 massive Marlin that have all managed to get away (and take our lures), due to the fact we have to firstly drop the sails in a hurry, which always seemed to cost us in the meantime… but because we were on engine, we finally had some luck. Riley was over the moon (I was a tad too excited, Julz I would say possibly scared hahaha). We swam her behind the boat until she was biting and released her back into the wild. Join us as we cruise into Tonga and are welcomed with several other wildlife encounters… I think I’m gunna like it here.

Song Credits:
00:32 – Tom Owens – Larryville
05:35 – Gotham Sen – the other side
07:00 Gotam sen – like a butterfly
10:00 – Trent Herzman – Just an escape
10:15 – Jason Lyle – Shiva Eyes
10:30 – Adam Yoo – Dreams

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