For me, sometimes extreme boredom, frustration with the motion of the boat, feeling isolated/alone, and missing friends and family bucket loads can lead to a little bit of a breakdown every now and then. I’m only human! There are always dramas onboard (EVERYONE has them), weather it be physical or mental. When La Vagabonde has been rocking and rolling back and forth for 4 days straight, and I’ve been copping bruises from the furniture and hoping for the slightest break in the weather that never comes, a boiling pot of water being thrown at me you could say was my last straw. The good times always end up evening out with the bad, but the unpredictability of each day can be stressful and has been since day 1. One day can be the best day of my life, filled with aqua blue waters, smooth sails, palm trees and sunshine, and the next can be the worst….. no sleep for a few days, breaking expensive equipment, haven’t showered or eaten and I’m questioning what on earth I’m doing trying to sail around the world having no sailing experience. But in the end, it’s all worth it for me. I love every minute of it, what we have seen and done around the world with Riley on La Vagabonde. But holey tolitos sometimes it can be tough! Do you guys want to see more of the bad times in videos? Please leave a comment and let me know. Love, Elayna.

Song Credits:
00:05 Julia R Anderson – In the Beginning
04:34 Keisuke Yoshimura – Jessica Says
06:40 Keisuke Yoshimura – Lambda
07:35 Robert Muinos – Mum
13:39 Riley Pearce – Outside the Lines

Thanks a million to all of our subscribers following our voyage and especially for those supporting us on Patreon! With your support, we can keep the movies coming and continue sailing around the world and sharing this incredible adventure with you all. It really is HUGELY appreciated. There aren’t enough kind and generous people like you guys out there in this world.

Thank you guys so much.

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

What cameras do we use?
What software do we use?
iMovie but hoping to upgrade soon!


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