More about the pirate scare! Please comment and let us know what you would do in the case of a pirate attack out at sea. The next 150nm of ocean until we reached the Galapagos Islands was quite enjoyable. We saw the most incredible things in the water, I started hearing things and Riley got a tiny little crab in his ear after scraping the hull. Each day we spend on the water these days seems to be full of surprises. As the sun was rising, I spotted the island of San Cristobal. Seals galore. They stuffed up my salad (A SALAD) and the world gets to see grumpy Elayna. Muddy shoe walkers leaving muddy tracks onboard. Surrounded by bird watching/explorer humans in cargo gear. I wonder what adventures tomorrow may bring. Thanks for watching, and for those on Patreon supporting my art. I am seriously stoked on making these videos for you guys and I wouldn’t be able to keep on doing it without you!! Lots of love, Elayna.

Song Credits:
00:07 Keisuke Yoshiura – Rain Calls Me
05:16 This Forest was Once on Fire – Andrew Rothschild
06:14 Tropical Vibe – Micheal Howland
07:17 Alone – Dead Leaves
08:20 First Bloom of Spring – Andrew Rothschild
09:10 Ben Vernon – Train Song (is it just me, or does this song make you extremely happy??! Cheers Ben!!
Salsa – No Watermark (Royalty Free track from Audio Jungle)
12:09 Come the Morning – Getgogetter
13:00 Fortunes – Energy

Thanks a million to all of our subscribers following our voyage and especially for those supporting us on Patreon! With your support, we can keep the movies coming and continue sailing around the world and sharing this incredible adventure with you all. Its really is HUGELY appreciated. There aren’t enough kind and generous people like you guys out there in this world.

Thank you guys so much.

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.


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