Full house on board La Vaga as we sail the coast of Dominica and explore the Indian River where Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Mans Chest was filmed! Explore a village hidden in the forrest where the people live off the land. Jump in the water at the Saints and check out a capsized catamaran. What happened to it is still unknown as a french man shooed us off pretty quickly.

Thanks a million to all those subscribers following our voyage and for those supporting us on Patreon! We really need the support to keep the adventure going as funds are running at an all time low at the moment. Please help us keep La Vaga floating in the right direction and we can keep the movies coming! Its really is HUGELY appreciated. We want to share our adventure with you all and we love to be of some ‘inspiration’.

Thankyou guys so much! Please continue to like and share and all that also.

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.


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